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Welcome dear visitors! My name is Igor V. Belousov, I am the founder and director of "Ukrekobezpeka" which operates under the national program for the protection of the environment and ecological safety. Possess several patents for inventions and utility models in the field of microbiology and physics. My company has just started its activities on a scale of trade with the whole world, but in the CIS countries is already quite well known. Consumers of our products confirm its quality in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, etc. You can find out by typing in the search query phrase "biological product Vodograi" or by visiting the website: For all progresive world we decided to call our product "BIO3".

Product under the brand name "Keep well!" - this is our investment in human health, wonderful life with smiles, without suffering and pain. Drawing on research on the effects of negative electric charges on the human body such distinguished scholars as William Gilbert, Albert Kruger, Pierre Bertolon, AP Sokolov, A. Chizhevsky, LL Vasiliev, AA Minh, F. Mr. Portnow, AA Mikulin the company "Ukrekobezpeka" was created, a unique device - Activator "Keep well!" that has scientifically proven properties. More details about the device and the principles of its effects on the body you can find in the Activator "Keep well!."

Activator "Keep well!" was created in the first place, for own use in the treatment of varicose veins and swollen legs for me and my mom. making sure in a striking result, which is before use it was hard even to believe, and experienced Activator for close relatives and friends, it was decided to go ahead and provide the opportunity to use the product of all the people.

If you find this saving for many people website, I certainly regret that you have health problems too, although you should always keep in mind that if you have no pain, then you probably already dead, in the words of the French historian Michel Chretien: "A healthy man is not the one who has no pain, and the one who hurts every time in a different place". However, I immediately want to congratulate you and calm, because thanks to our Activator "Keep well!" You're guaranteed to experience the incredible relief until the complete elimination of disease.

Предприятие «Укрекобезпека» представляет биопрепараты «Водограй» и «Водограй+» в Украине. Биопрепарат (бактерии) «Водограй» - лучшее средство для очистки выгребных, сливных ям, септиков и уличных туалетовБиопрепарат «Водограй» перерабатывает накопленные фекалии, очистки овощей, жиры, бумагу и другое содержимое выгребных ям, септиков или уличных туалетов в мутную жидкость, кислород и углекислый газ.


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