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Description of impact of negative charge and infrared radiation on the human body
or secret of health impact of the negative charge.

Not only the modern researches, but also a number of historical documents collected over the centuries shows that the negative charges helps people with various diseases.

All living organisms, including human beings, born and developed in the natural conditions of the planet Earth, which has one important feature - our planet is constantly negatively charged field, and the atmosphere around the earth has a positive charge. This means that each organism "programmed" to be born and develop in a constant electric field that exists between the negatively charged land and the positively charged atmosphere. This electric field is very important for all of the biochemical processes in any organism.

             The theory of physics - a physician William Gilbert.

Between the atmosphere, which has a positive charge, and the Earth, which has a negative charge, there is equality of charges during electrization. The human body in a natural environment stripped and barefoot has, like the atmosphere 80% humidity, and in contact with the earth is integral to their biological properties, and should have, as the atmosphere, the charge in the 1500 amps  and 0,002 volts. Earth's surface tension E = 100 V / m, the potential difference between the legs of a man and the head of φ = 200 V, the charge q = 100000 C

Man is born naked, and by its very nature has to walk barefoot on the ground, that is does not have insulating the electric field shoes and clothes. Modern civilization exclude such life activity format as the human body artificially "isolated" from the negatively charged field of land. When an external electric field of the earth is weakened or absent, the body falls into a critical situation, as a result of reduction or absence of the natural Earth impact of of a negative electric charge leads to a serious and rapid deterioration of health.

Knowing all this, we are able to give a first answer to the question of why and how negative charges of the activator helps. Using Activator "Keep well!", with microspheres carrying a negative electrical charge, we naturally compensate constantly increasing shortage of the negative charge of the earth. This is not even about the treatment or recovery of the body - it's about recreating the natural electric field in which people can live and grow in the best possible way.

Health Benefits of Negative Ions 

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Just as positive ions build up in the atmosphere prior to a storm front, negative ions accumulate following a storm. This surfeit of negative ions has long been associated with improvements in mood and physical health. Research conducted in the last decade has begun to support the view that negative ions have a net positive effect on health.

One of the most tantalizing hints regarding negative ions and health surfaced when German researchers discovered a link between catecholamine regulation and lifespan after depriving experimental animals of negative ions. First, researchers at the Goldstein and Lewin Dept. of Medical Research in Stahnsdorf, Germany isolated mice and rats in air-tight, sealed acrylic cases. Next, they filtered the ambient air to remove all negative ions from the sealed cases. Their research led to the discovery that a prolonged deficiency of negative ions led to an accelerated rate of death for the experimental animals. Examination of the animals led researchers to conclude that the results ‘strongly suggest that animal death is related to disturbances in neurohormonal regulation and pituitary insufficiency.

Goldstein N, Arshavskaya TV. Is atmospheric superoxide vitally necessary? Accelerated death of animals in a quasi-neutral electric atmosphere. Z Naturforsch [C] 1997 May-Jun;52(5-6):396-404.

Researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow discovered that negative ions are able to help protect the body from induced physical stress. When the researchers immobilized rats and exposed them to negatively charged air ions they discovered that the ions prevented the development of pathological changes characteristic of acute stress that are observed in untreated rats. The protective action of negative air ions was observed in all the experimental animals independently of their types of behavior.

Livanova LM, Levshina IP, Nozdracheva LV, Elbakidze MG, Airapetiants MG. The protective action of negative air ions in acute stress in rats with different typological behavioral characteristics. Zh Vyssh Nerv Deiat Im I P Pavlova 1998 May-Jun;48(3):554-7.

British researchers at the Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences in Liverpool exposed male subjects to negative ions and measured physiological responses, including body temperature, heart rate and respiration, while at rest and during exercise. Negative ions were found to significantly improve all physiological states, particularly during rest. Most important was the finding that negative ions are “biologically active and that they do affect the body’s circadian rhythmicity.”

Reilly T, Stevenson IC. An investigation of the effects of negative air ions on responses to submaximal exercise at different times of day. J Hum Ergol (Tokyo) 1993 Jun;22(1):1-9.

Another clue to the role of negative ions in health comes from Russian research conducted at the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in Pushchino, Russia. Researchers found that exposure to negative ions increased levels of the protective antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) in mammalian erythrocytes. The researchers also discovered minute amounts of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), writing, “The primary physiochemical mechanism of beneficial biological action of negative air ions is suggested to be related to the stimulation of superoxide dismutase activity by micromolar concentrations of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide).”

Kosenko EA, Kaminsky YuG, Stavrovskaya IG, Sirota TV, Kondrashova MN. The stimulatory effect of negative air ions and hydrogen peroxide on the activity of superoxide dismutase. FEBS Lett 1997 Jun 30;410(2-3):309-12.

Miracle or real effectiveness?
Wonderful household, preventive and curative qualities of the activator "Keep well!" come from its basic properties.


Gorgeous thermoregulation

This property of microspheres filling Activator "Keep well!" studied and has been known since the 70s of the last century. The microspheres have a very low thermal conductivity, that is through them to the body are not any frost or heat (in the sauna, for example) and, at the same time, the microspheres do not issue our own heat and maintains a very comfortable body temperature.

Electrostatic properties 

Microspheres reduce positive ionization on human body surface. This property is so important that people should more talking about it. The fact that the positive ions are very depressing for a person, the electrostatic voltage opens the gates for many ailments and diseases, and activator "Keep well!" can help even at the source of the problem.

In other words - the electric charges are not created and do not disappear, they just redistribute between the contacting bodies, as a result of interaction with the activator, the surface of the body gets so necessary negative electrical charge, freeing itself from the harmful positive electric charge. 

A little knowledge of biology: Dr. Albert Krueger in the 50-ies of the last century, has done research in the field of microbiology and neurobiology, and found that the excess of positive ions causes the overproduction of serotonin - a very active hormone that transmits impulses between nerve cells of the human brain controls appetite, sleep, mood and emotions. The result of excessive serotonin secretion in positive ionization is irritability, tension, exhaustion, deterioration of the cardiovascular system, hyperthyroidism, dizziness, headache, depression, anxiety, and other troubles.

And here is a list of positive qualities of negatively charged ions contained in the medical directory:

  • contribute to a healthy metabolism, stress relief, refreshment of the body and improve mental abilities; 
  • increase the elasticity of blood vessels, destroying harmful sediments inside blood vessels;
  • reduce the incidence of cancer processes;
  • significantly reduce electrical stress from working televisions and computer monitors; 
  • eliminate odors; 
  • have a beneficial health improving effect for respiratory diseases, acute and chronic diseases of upper respiratory tract, allergy. This significantly reduces the risk of acute respiratory infections and other viral infections, increases immunity.

Unfortunately, in our modern life we have created such an environment that eliminates the negative ions from the atmosphere. Buildings, vehicles are often supercharged harmful positive ions, as plastic and metal fans, filters and air conditioning systems, fluorescent lighting, electrical and electronic equipment, television and computer screens, communications, synthetic fibers in carpets, clothing and upholstery — all this reduces the level of negative ions and increase the number of positive. Applying the activator «Keep well!» people can better overcome the problems arising from the positive ionization, and be healed of diseases. So let's begin to reduce our problems!

What really changes occur in the body after initiated use of the activator "Keep well!" and there is constant exposure of a negative electric charge of the microspheres?

Organs and body systems have a different reaction to the action of negative electrical charges. Selectivity response of an organism depends on the electrical properties of tissues, their differences in microcirculation metabolic rate and state of neurohumoral circulation. According to the degree of sensitivity of different systems of the body to the electric field first place is cardiovascular, then the blood, muscle, digestive, excretory, nervous, then endocrine system sense organs respiratory and skeletal systems.

The main effects and application results the Activator "Keep well!":

Improve blood circulation of the body. The circulatory system provides the body with nutrients necessary for life. The delivery of oxygen to the organs, tissues and cells respond erythrocytes or red blood cells, which have a natural negative charge. Thus, when they move into the blood due to the charge they repel each other and as a result there is an optimum blood flow and normal supply of oxygen and nutrients at the cellular level. Under the impact of environmental pollution, free radicals, additives in food, inadequate water, dirty air that suffers organs and systems of the body, red blood cells in the blood begin to lose their natural negative charge. This reduces the forces with which they repel each other in certain areas by formation of specific groups of red blood cells. On the one hand, complicates the movement of blood, it is moving slowly and inefficiently implemented oxygen delivery to tissues and cells of the body. On the other hand, in certain confined areas grouped circulatory system, these erythrocytes can not pass that is penalized full circulation. In general, disturbances in the circulation leads to serious problems in the vascular system and mainly to increased blood pressure, and as a result, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis.

Under the influence of negatively charged microspheres in the activator "Keep well!", the red blood cells in the blood gradually recover its negative charge, and follows the normalization of the blood flow, partition of erythrocyte groups, increases the transport of oxygen and nutrients to every cell and Naturally normalize cellular nutrition and metabolism in the body.


The normal arrangement of structural elements of blood:





Prior negative charge microspheres

After the effect of the negative charge










Before negative charge microspheres

After the effect of the negative charge







Due to the normalization of the circulatory system should be normalization and stabilization of blood pressure. Increased blood velocity, lack of clusters of red blood cells does not allow the blood to "press" on the walls of blood vessels, they cease to expand. It should be noted that the use of the Activator "Keep well!" Leads to the stabilization of blood pressure, even in people with chronic problems.

Influence of of a negative electric charge:

  • There is increasing the permeability of cell membranes, which activates all the metabolic processes at the cellular level.
  • Reduced adhesion (sticking to the walls of blood vessels) and aggregation (sticking together) of platelets. This effect greatly reduces the ability of platelets to form blood clots in blood vessels.
  • A decrease in pressure in the deep and superficial veins, arteries. At the same time increases the tone of vascular wall there are changes elastic properties and a bioelectrical impedance of the walls of blood vessels.
  • An increase in vascular and epithelial permeability, straight consequence of which is to accelerate the resorption of edema and drug administration. Due to this effect treatment of the negative charges is widely used in trauma, wounds and their consequences.
  • The peripheral nervous system responds to the effect of negative electric charges decrease the sensitivity of peripheral receptors, which leads to pain relief, and improve the function of the conductivity, which is beneficial for functional recovery of injured peripheral nerves due to improved axon growth, and inhibition of myelination in these connective tissue. Effect pain relief in electrotherapy determined that under the effect of negative charges in the body increases the synthesis of endorphins - a specific hormones which have powerful analgesic effect.
  • In macromolecules (enzymes, nucleic acids, proteins, etc.) are change electric susceptibility. In this connection, the electrical energy of the macromolecules may be greater than the energy of thermal motion, and therefore the negative electric charges, even in therapeutic doses cause changes in orientation and concentration of biologically active macromolecules, thus affecting the kinetics of biochemical reactions and speed of biophysical processes.
  • There restructuring orientation of liquid crystals that form the basis of many of the cell membrane and intracellular structures. The ongoing orientation and deformation of liquid crystalline structures (membranes, mitochondria, etc.) under the influence of an electric field effect on the impermeability, which plays an important role in the regulation of biochemical processes and the performance of the biological functions.
  • Effect of negative electric charges on the nervous system characterized by a change in its conditioned reflex activity, physiological and biological processes. This is due to the stimulation of inhibitory processes, which explains the occurrence of sedation and the favorable effect of the negative charges on sleep and emotional stress.
  • Improvement of functioning of the endocrine system. Vasodilation provides higher flow of hormones in various parts of the body. Because sometimes some endocrine glands stimulate the secretion of hormones of the other glands, the effect of improving hormonal functions can sometimes be very strong.
  • In tissues is reduced content of sodium ions (Na), while increasing the concentration of potassium ions (K), which is an indication of changes in cell membrane permeability.
  • A reduction in the iron (Fe) in the brain, heart, blood, liver, muscle, spleen, and increased it in the bone. This redistribution of iron due to the change in the state of hematopoiesis. This increases the copper content in the muscles of the heart, spleen, testes, which activates the adaptive-compensatory processes in the body.
  • Biological Activity of magnesium (Mg) increases. This leads to a decrease in the development of pathological processes in the liver, heart, muscle.
  • Electrotherapy significantly improves memory, due to a complete neural connection for high-quality transmission of information, which requires a high conductivity. With the passage of time and the deposition of toxins neural connection is weakening, and the impact of negative electric charge helps to restore it. Electrotherapy in the head is effective for insomnia and nervousness.
  • There is a rapid and long lasting lingering effect of cleaning the blood vessels of calcium and cholesterol accumulation. This is a further positive effect overall recovery circulatory system and body metabolism.
  • Stroke, or bleeding in the brain, there are two types - hemorrhagic (bleeding true) and ischemic (due to lack of oxygen). In both cases electrotherapy is necessary. It strengthens blood vessels, improving their elasticity, and the second option eliminates the oxygen starvation of the brain tissue.
  • It is assumed that the effect of negative electric charges enhances the flow of energy to the field of acupuncture points, increases local blood flow, dilates capillaries, activate the energy metabolism, affects the metabolism and has a bactericidal effect.

As you can see, the answers to the question of why and how the negative electrical charges to help, in fact many and they are complex. The most important thing is that this method does not require any special effects skills or training to use, has a guaranteed result and practically have no contraindications.

Which tissues and organs affected by the negative charges?

Negative electric charges affect the nervous system, blood pressure, cell respiration, metabolism, body temperature, blood. Alter the physico-chemical properties of the blood sugar content in the blood, erythrocytes zeta potential. This is not an exhaustive list. This kind of versatility physiological effects of negative electric charges due to the fact that they affect the basic physical and chemical processes occurring in the body.

The opposite effect of positive and negative electric charges. Examples.

  • Under the influence of negative charges decreased erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and positive charges cause the opposite effect.
  • Negative charges are influenced by the decrease in viscosity of blood, and the positive charges cause an increase in blood viscosity.
  • Clearly the composition of the blood cells changes: increase the charges of negative sign and reduce the number of erythrocytes by leukocytes. Positive - cause opposite shifts.
  • Changing the metabolic processes in the body: under the influence of negative charge decreases amount of potassium, and increases of calcium. With a positive charge, these ratios are changed in the opposite direction.
  • Caused by muscular activity buildup of lactic acid in the blood quickly liquidated under the influence of negative electric charges and grows under the influence of positive.
  • Under the influence of negative electrical charges on average 50% increase tissue respiration. Sessions negative electrotherapy increase oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide excretion.
  • Negative electrotherapy causes an increase in blood protein decomposition products and, therefore, stimulates diuresis. What is important is the fact that instead of a regular increase of the amount of sugar in the blood, celebrated under the influence of the impact of negative charges in healthy individuals, patients with diabetes charges microspheres negative sign causes a distinct decrease in blood sugar.
  • The charges of the negative sign of the microspheres help prevent beriberi B, C and D. This is due to their stimulating effect on the formation of vitamins and their accumulation in the blood and tissues.

The influence of positive and negative charges on the psycho-emotional state of the person.

Especially the contrast is the difference in the action of positive and negative electrical charges on the psycho-emotional human perception of the world.

It has long been observed that in sweltering unventilated areas person feels different kind of uncomfortable state of: lethargy, fatigue, loss of appetite, headache, insomnia, weakness, dizziness, memory loss and other. This leads to the sickness, helps decrease the body's defenses and predisposes to premature wear and aging. It has been found that in such areas has a surplus of positive and negative particles lack. On the condition of the body also affects the weather: a rainy foggy weather, especially in autumn, when the number of negative ions in the air is reduced to the minimum limit, are more common infectious diseases, exacerbated chronic diseases, deteriorating condition of the human spirit, the mood becomes melancholic. It has been found that it is air ions of positive polarity have an extremely adverse effect on persons of a weak constitution, the elderly, rheumatism, neurotics, causing them to feel pain, weakness, fever.

The use of negative electric charges microspheres in the of the activator "Keep well!" With the purpose of treatment.

Medical practice of light negative electric charge indicates that, as in healthy subjects and in patients under the influence of the dosage of electrotherapy quickly normalized general condition, normal work of the cardiovascular system, improves sleep, reduces blood pressure, reduces fatigue, increases attention reduced rest time, creates a cheerful neuro-psychological tone that promotes more rapid recovery from disability. This reduces the frequency of breathing, it becomes rhythmic and deep. Microspheres tight to the body as Activator "Keep well!" are indebted for their medicinal properties a high concentration of negative electrical charges. Its action - healing.

The negative charge of microspheres in the activator «Keep well!» has such a versatile therapeutic effect that can be used in a vast number of diseases. Due to the significant number of research and widespread use of negative charges in electrotherapy today already know many areas of therapeutic effects of negative charges on the human body. Therapeutic effect of negative electric charges —improved blood circulation and the state of blood vessels. Hence we get the diversity of its use:

  • proper delivery of blood and nutrients in its structure, largely determines the work of all organs, condition of nervous system, bones and joints.
  • restoration of normal cell polarity, as modified due to changes in human organs.
  • activation of the enzyme systems.

Why the negative charges, and not any other physical factor, so important for the body?

The answer to such a serious question, oddly enough, is quite simple: a positive charge accompanies almost all the alien in the body — it is viruses, infection, cholesterol, inflammation, fungi, bacteria. Negative charges clearly fixed healthy processes in the body. Therefore, the weakening of the negative charge or change it to positive in the human body —it's ill health. Correction of the electric charge of the human body — it is not drug treatment, which imparts a alien, almost always toxic elements in organism, and natural, natural treatment method, resulting in a normal state, above all, the vascular system, which according to statistics is suffering in our lifetime more than others. 

Problems and diseases in which recommend the use of an activator «Keep well!» with negatively charged microspheres:

Cardiovascular system:

  • hypertension I–II degree;
  • Coronary artery disease and stable stenocardia;
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • arrhythmia;
  • tachycardia;
  • hypotension;

Central and peripheral nervous system:


  • spinal cord injury;
  • violation of the cerebrospinal circulation;
  • ischemic cerebral stroke;
  • neuritis, polyneuropathy of various origins;
  • neuralgia;
  • neuroses;
  • neurasthenia;
  • migraine;
  • melancholia, depression;
  • spring fatigue;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • stress, insomnia;

Vascular Diseases:

  • atherosclerosis I-II–III stage;
  • Raynaud's syndrome;
  • Phlebeurysm;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • chronic venous insufficiency and lymphovenous;
  • thrombophlebitis of superficial and deep veins;

Diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system:

  • deforming osteoarthritis;
  • polyarthritis of various etiologies;
  • contusions, injuries, bruises;
  • sprains;
  • splints;
  • bone fractures;
  • rheumatism;

 Diseases of the bronchopulmonary apparatus:

  • acute pneumonia;
  • chronic bronchitis;
  • bronchial asthma (except hormone);
  • Tuberculosis (inactive form);

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract:

  • peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer;
  • chronic gastritis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • biliary dyskinesia;
  • colitis;


  • rhinitis;
  • chronic rhinitis;
  • rhinosinusitis;
  • hronic pharyngitis;
  • chronic otitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • tracheitis;

Subacute and chronic diseases of the urogenital system:

  • cystitis;
  • urethritis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • prostatitis;
  • impotence and reduced potency;
  • painful menstruation;
  • climacteric;


  • sluggish granulating wounds;
  • burns;
  • frostbite;
  • decubitus;
  • eczema;

Preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation:

  • adhesive disease;
  • improving the immune status.  

Infrared radiation

The source of the infrared radiation is the oscillation of atoms around their equilibrium in living and living elements.

Microspheres in the Activator "Keep well!" Have the unique property to accumulate infrared radiation and warm the body and return it back.

All kinds of short-wave after visible light spectrum rigidly apply to all living organisms and therefore dangerous and harmful. The shorter the wavelength, the more stringent emission. These waves, getting on living tissue, knock at their level, the electrons in the molecules, and later destroyed and the atom itself. As a result, the formation of free radicals which lead to cancer and radiation sickness.

Waves on the other side of the visible spectrum are not harmful because of the longer wavelength. All infrared spectrum is 0.7 - 1000 microns (micrometers). Human range is 6 - 12 microns. For comparison, water has a 3 micron and therefore one can not long with hot water. Even at 55 degrees, not more than 1 hour. The cells of the body at this wavelength do not feel comfortable and work well can not, as a result of resisting and give malfunction. Acting on the cells with heat, heat wave length corresponding to the cell, the cell receiving the native heat works better. Infrared rays heat up it.

The normal temperature for the passage of redox reactions in the cell nutria is 38-39 degrees Celsius, and if the temperature is lower, the metabolic process slows down or stops.

What happens when exposed to infrared heat? Rescue mechanism from overheating:

  • Enhanced blood circulation.
  • Sweat glands in the skin secrete fluid. The liquid evaporates and cools the body from overheating.

Arterial blood is sent to the heated area of the body. Venous blood draws off, taking away some of the heat. Thus the cooling body from overheating. This system is similar to the radiator. Blood flows to the overheating hazards through the capillaries. And the more capillary the better blood flow will occur. Let us assume that we have 5 capillaries, and in order to save it from overheating, we need 50. Before the body is the task to prevent overheating. And if we warm up this site regularly, then it will escalate (increase) the number of capillaries in the area warms up. It is scientifically proven that the human body can increase the number of capillaries in the 10th five times! Scientists have shown that the aging process in humans depends on reducing capillary. In old age, the number of capillaries decreases, especially in the legs and leg veins. Even at the age of 120 recovery capillaries is possible.

So, if to warm up a particular area of the body, regularly, the body increase the number of capillaries at that place this eliminates the specified area of the body from the constant overheating. In addition, the heat will promote normal cell function, because we are warming the cells improving the metabolism. This will contribute to the restoration warmed tissues and elasticity and firmness will be back to them. If there are problems such as calluses, corns, spikes, spurs, salt deposits, skin diseases, fungus on the feet infrared heat will result in an accelerated process of regeneration (recovery).

Lymphatic drainage effect.

Intercellular fluid is removed from the tissues going through the lymphatic system. With the help of the capillaries arterial blood comes to every cell. Venous blood is retracted from the cell. During life waste material partly fall into the venous blood and partly in the intercellular fluid. In the event of any illness or stress mechanical influence, traumas, such a situation can occur when the intercellular substance is not time to remove toxins (waste materials during the life of the cell). The definition of this phenomenon is the well-known term - slagging. Slagging directly linked to poor lymphatic flow. By diffusion inactive or excess water is supplied to the slag, it leads to edema of organ or tissue. Infrared heat improves lymphatic drainage, resulting in the removal of toxins and excess water (removes edema). Reduced the threat of cancer, improves the nutrition of cells, each cell can be updated. Intercellular substance, climbing the lymph flow enters the lymph node, which is a filter.

In the lymph nodes there are white blood cells - lymphocytes (they serve as guards), they fight off infections, viruses, and cancer cells as well. The blood cells produced in the bone marrow.

The impact of infrared heat on the veins and blood vessels.

The vessels have a smooth interior surface to the red blood cells can slide over the inner channel. The quality of the internal surface depends on the number of capillaries inside vessel wall. In consequence of stress, or in old age, or as a result of smoking, inside a large vessel is broken microcirculation, which leads to a deterioration of the vessel wall. The wall of the vessel is no longer smooth and supple. Cholesterol and large fraction forms an atherosclerotic plaque, making it difficult for the blood flow in this channel. According to the narrowed channel worsens blood flow, thereby increasing the pressure. Infrared heat resumes flow through capillaries inside the vessel wall, whereupon the inner wall acquires the smoothness and elasticity, and special blood systems corrode clot (plaque) itself.