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User Manual for the activator "Keep well!"

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The structure of activator "Keep well!"

Activator "Keep well!" Made of high quality textile materials filled with borosilicate and sodium borosilicate glass microspheres. Is a pillowcase of red, thick, abrasion-resistant fabric dimensions 470 x 360 mm, which are sewn sealed containers filled with the aforementioned material. For ease of fixing the activator is provided on the body with Velcro straps. The microspheres are included in the product, return the the body accumulate and infrared heat, are also have on their surface a negative electric charge. Actuator is designed to impact on the body with the negative charges, replenishing the lack of the body negative electric potential. At the same time activator provides uniform heat distribution, owing to the return IR radiation emitted by the body. The product creates a negative charge and reduces the positive charge of the body, and allows you to achieve a sufficient degree of the load on the human body, as well as provide a pleasant physiological position of the body.


TM «Keep well!»
Warranty period - 1 year from date of purchase.
Manufacturer: Ukraine, PE "Ukrekobezpeka" 33 Hersonskaya str.,
Lugansk 91005 . Phone: +380-503-388-103, +380-967-185-109.
Textile filled with microspheres - activator " Keep well!".
Ingredients: rubberized fabric tent, raincoat fabric, borosilicate and sodium borosilicate glass microspheres.
Hygiene Certificate — № 05.03.02-04/35398 from 30.04.2013
test specifications U 13.9-3192121179-002:2013.

The purpose of activator "Keep well!"

Activator is designed to provide a uniform distribution of heat accumulation due to return of IR radiation emitted by the body. The product creates a negative charge and reduces the positive charge of the body, and allows you to achieve a sufficient degree of the load on the human body, as well as provide a pleasant physiological position of the body. Activator "Keep well!" is a source of remote wave action, the purpose of which is to restore the negative charge around the body, or imitation and shortfalls of natural negative charge of the earth's surface.

Using of the activator "Keep well!"

before using the Activator "Keep well!" recommended "charge" by shaking or heat from various heat sources: heating radiator, sun, hair dryer, iron, etc. at temperatures up to 50ºC. Microspheres should soften inside pillowcases. Compacted or hardened microspheres inside of the activator indicate the lack of negative charge on the surface and the need for "charging" with one of the methods above.

The contact of the activator "Keep well!" to the body during the first 15 days should be limited to 2 hours per day. In future sessions of application may be gradually increased and adjusted independently without restriction in period of work, rest and sleep as needed and desired.

Activator "Keep well!" Cleanses the accumulated toxins from the blood vessels. Human blood is composed of water 78 - 82%. To make the process of removing toxins from the body is most effectively observe the correct mode of consumption of water - from 2 to 3 liters per day, depending on body weight. Clean water is a natural alive natural drug that displays a split and dissolved products from the body. Due to the required amount of water vascular wall gain elasticity and strength, blood becomes less viscous and liquid that has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure inside blood vessels and improve blood flow and reduce the load on the heart muscle.

Activator "Keep well!" can be applied depending on the current need, for example, fixed by wrapping the thigh, the calf muscle to the varicose veins on a shoulder lower back at various inflammations. Possible to use as a rug on which you can put your feet, sit with hemorrhoids, deterioration of potency, an inflammation of the prostate gland, as well as lying on your back on the activator, affecting the patient spine, lower back, kidneys, chest for colds or pillow your head to improve sleep and improve the blood supply to the brain, termination headache.

Recommendations for the storage and use of the activator "Keep well!"

The activator is stored in a dry place, do not let it become wet. To bring activator condition ready for use and increasing the negative charge on the surface to be placed in the heat in expanded form, such as a heating radiator, under direct sunlight affect domestic hair dryer, etc. Also, a negative electric charge is formed by shaking activator. Activator "Keep well!" can be used not only by direct contact with the body, but also through the fabric of clothing (pants, socks, shirts). If necessary to avoid contamination of the activator is recommended to use a thin natural fabric or gauze as a cover. Unacceptable wash activator in liquid solutions. When pollution is applied exclusively, dusting brush, a sponge or damp cloth.  

Precautions in handling of the activator "Keep well!"

The use of an activator in accordance with the instruction ensures the preservation of its long-standing stated qualities and characteristics and suitability to work effectively. 


  • Cut
  • Rip
  • Pierce
  • hitting activator
  • When shaking beat activator other items
  • Abruptly sits down and step on the activator
  • Heat above 50 º C

If you do spill filler - the microspheres and in contact with mucous membranes, rinse with water.  After contact with the microspheres in the mouth do not swallow, rinse with water. Dispose of as household waste.