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The history of the treatment of the negative charges - the way to the creation of the Activator "Keep well!"

The importance of interaction with the negatively charged particles is shown by the fact that in the 18th century in work "On the electricity of healthy and sick person" (Paris, 1780.) French naturalist Abbe Pierre Bertolon claimed that "all diseases without exception have extremely high ratio to the electric of air ". He was the first who be recommended to in an atmosphere saturated with negative ions, suggesting that it has a healing effect. As a source for the electrification of the air, he used an electrostatic machine.

The main contribution to the development of methods of medical application of negative charges and their experimental justification made A. Sokolov, A. Chizhevsky, L. Vasilev, A.  Minh, F. Portnov and other scientists.

Back in the 30's of the 20th century L. Vasilev with A. Chizhevsky theory was proposed "electric tissue metabolism", according to which in the lungs, along with gas and water exchange, there is also an exchange of electrical charges between the alveolar air and blood. The particles of blood are charging, and then carried away by the bloodstream to organs. There they are losing their charge, thus replenishing the natural power resources of various tissues of the body. In addition to the above, there is also a reflex mechanism of the negative charges on the body. It is based on the stimulation of the receptors (nerve endings) located on the body. Caused nerve impulses are then transferred to the central nervous system which in its turn affect other organs and tissues. Both of these mechanisms do not exist in isolation, but in a permanent relationship.

Research has shown that the most beneficial effect on health light negative charges. Presumably, the flow of electric charges interact with biological membranes, in which there is an electric potential. In addition, the negative charges of the microspheres can interfere with a variety of types of biological oxidation, which occurs in the body.

Microbiologist and pathologist experimenter University of California, Berkeley Dr. Albert Krueger in the 50-ies of the last century, has done research in the field of microbiology and neurobiology, and found that the excess of positive ions causes the overproduction of serotonin - a very active hormone that transmits impulses between nerve cells of human brain controls appetite, sleep, mood and emotions. The result of excessive serotonin secretion in positive ionization is an irritation, tension, exhaustion, deterioration of the cardiovascular system, hyperthyroidism, dizziness, headache, depression, anxiety, and other troubles. On the other hand, Dr Kruger proved that a calming effect of negative ions is associated with a decrease in the production of serotonin in the midbrain. Dr. Albert Krueger discovered that even a small concentration of negative ions carried by air kills the bacteria that cause the common cold, flu and other respiratory diseases. Along with other researchers, Dr. Krueger has shown that negative ions stimulate those cells in the body that help us fight disease. A Philadelphia doctor showed that his patients with burns experienced much less pain - and recovering well - when in their hospital ward have put negative ion generators. In addition, the decreased risk of blood poisoning.

But why is this happening? Why under the influence of positive ions person feels worse, and under the influence of negative - better? There is an answer! Dr. Kruger and Russian scientist D. Lapitsky proved that in the absence of negative ions, we can not absorb the oxygen necessary for life.

Obviously, the human being - in the literal sense of the word "bioelectric" creation, the body of which is successfully operating in a particular state of atmospheric electricity.

There are so-called the wind of witches, and in Austria and Switzerland - "Dryer" Mistral - France, Khamsin - in Israel, the Chinook - in the Rocky Mountains, Santa Ana wind storm - in California.

It seems that in these winds, there is something mysterious and sinister. Maybe this is retribution, sent down to us by the environment we destroyed and betrayed - or the reminder of the Lord was angry? Or is there some kind of witchcraft? Or maybe there is some more simple and sensible explanation?

All these mysterious winds have some well-defined features. They occur on the leeward slope of a mountain range. Initially, the air is cold mass. But, coming down from the mountains, it is warmed and eventually appears as a dry hot wind.

Santa Ana winds blowing in Southern California is able to dry the hills with lightning speed. Humidity decreases, and this is really dry fire hazard always ends the fire. Smoke coming out of the Canyon in the night sounds of sirens. The fire is spreading at a rate of up to a hundred miles per hour!

That Santa Ana was the reason that in 1956, burned down the city of Malibu, and in 1964 and 1977 - the city of Santa Barbara. It seems that the wind always portends disaster. And when the wind and flames in some unimaginable tumult approaching too close, many think that Los Angeles itself goes up in flames.

But these winds pose a threat not only to the fire. They also affect humans. In Switzerland, during the dryer increases the rate of suicide.

In some Swiss courts that wind is considered as a mitigating circumstance in the commission of a crime. They say that surgeons are particularly vigilant to the influence of winds, because during this storm blood coagulates worse. Wherever these strange winds blew, doctors continually hear about the attacks of headaches, nausea, allergies, nervousness and depression. Proved the influence of these winds on the person's mood. North Africans say when Scirocco blows from the Sahara, it almost brings people to suicide. Simply put, these winds cause in people unpleasant, painful sensations.

But why? What this actually - the mystery, the magic or witchcraft?

According to scientists, a component of all of these winds are ions. Ion - a particle that is a result of consolidation or the loss of an electron becomes electrically charged. This process occurs continuously in nature. Ions accumulate a positive and negative charges, depending on the prevailing environmental conditions.

Earth, as you know, is always negatively charged. Therefore, when the air is clean and moist - like in the woods, on the banks of rivers, lakes and mountains - the positive ions, which are formed by the collision of particles of water, quickly absorbed by the soil. Through this atmosphere remains negatively charged, which is ideal for the life of organisms.

Now you understand why health resorts are always located at the falls, on the beach, in the woods or in the mountains, and why precisely in such places, people prefer to spend their vacation? The time spent on vacationhas a positive effect on you, not only in direct proportion to the contemplation of the beautiful views of nature or because you do not work, but because of the air you breathing.

But what happens when these dry, hot winds blows?

Research has shown that there is a formation positive ions. They can not be neutralized, because there is no moisture that could be absorbed by the land. That is why such winds contain a high concentration of positive ions.

An Israeli physicist discovered that a high concentration of positive ions is present not only in the wind, but in ten - twelve hours before its occurrence. Something similar is happening before the storm. Have you ever noticed that before the storm feel depressed, but once it breaks out, experiencing some relief? It happens because thundercloud on its way captures negative ions leaving positively charged air under it. But when the storm begins and lightning lit up the sky, there is a significant number of negative ions in the air that makes the atmosphere beneficial again .

All researches last twenty years unanimously indicate that positive ions cause discomfort in humans and negative - improve health. Significant concentrations of negative ions have mostly creative impact. Therefore, in the dry hot winds there is no magic. This is due only to the level and type of electrifying the air we breathe.

What conclusion can you do?

Let's think again about what happens to us. In cars, airplanes, public buildings where we work, there is a great, easy-threatening concentration of positive ions. Overcrowded cities a really exhausted from high concentration of positive ions. Unfortunately, in our modern life we ourselves have created such an environment that virtually eliminates the negative ions from the atmosphere. Buildings, vehicles are often supercharged harmful positive ions, as plastic and metal fans, filters and air conditioning systems, fluorescent lighting, electrical and electronic equipment, television and computer screens, communications, synthetic fibers in carpets, clothing and upholstery - all reduce the level of negative ions and increase the number of positive. We chained the land with asphalt and concrete, so the pollution generated by motor vehicles or other toxic sources trapped in concrete canyons.

In the middle of the twentieth century, made discoveries in the field of unique material - microspheres having remarkable properties – maintain a negative electrical charge, collect and return the infrared radiation to be the unsurpassed thermal insulator and thus represent a very dry flowable material that can replace the liquid to the haptics, and possesses antibacterial properties. These properties of the microspheres - microscopic glass spheres have been used successfully in the aerospace complexes of the United States and the Soviet Union in the manufacture of plating spacecraft and creating clothing for astronauts. Later microspheres were used in the centers of burn as a filler mattresses for patients with burns of the body. Microspheres are now used in the manufacture of insulating materials, colorantsin medicine, orthopedics.

The microspheres are packed in cases of special medical fabric that reliably prevents them from escaping. Covers are sewn into the fabric of the activator "Keep well!", which does not prevent the spread of the negative charge of the microspheres and nice hugs the body. As a result of the transfer of a negative electric charge of Activator "Keep well!" affects the part of the body so that the red blood cells in the blood begin to restore its natural negative charge, there is a normalization and improvement of blood circulation, the destruction of erythrocyte groups and tumors, increases the efficiency of the transport of oxygen and nutrients to every cell and normalized cellular nutrition and metabolic processes of the body, improves lymph drainage. The long history of scientific research physicists, mathematicians, physicians, biologists about the impact of negative electrical charges on the human body, as well as the unique properties of the microspheres have become a fertile foundation for a Activator "Keep well!" - Which since its release has gained popularity and became unsurpassed wa of self-salvation for many people.