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Frequently asked questions

Question: What should be the duration of a session of application the activator?
Answer: Timing of application of the activator "Keep well!" is not limited to the time when the use of an activator is not sharply reducing pressure. Reduce the duration of the session in the first 15 - 20 days to 2 hours per day, in case of sudden pressure reduction. Listening to yours feelings.

Question: Explain the reason why sometimes the pressure is reduced when using an activator "Keep well!"?
Answer: Upon contact with the body, the activator, creating a single closed system of the presence of the negative electric charges on the surface directs them into the body. Activator nourishes the negative charge diseased cells of vessels. It helps to restore the integrity of the walls of blood vessels, eliminate spasms, destruction of cholesterol deposits, partitioning erythrocyte factions within the blood vessels, reducing blood viscosity and purification of the blood vessels. This not only helps to reduce high blood pressure and normalization of the blood vessels, but also provides long-term effect.

Question: Why the filler in the activator initially soft and friable becomes hard?
Answer: Red blood cells and blood vessel walls healthy people initially have a negative charge. Charges with a plus sign in the body become a source of inflammatory and disease processes. Neutralized with positive sign blood cells lost negative charge is not able to repel each other, are glued together and the walls of vessel. Thus clots formed. On the surface of the filler (the microspheres) activator "Keep well!" has a pronounced negative electric charge. Diseased or inflamed area of the body that came into contact in the electric field of the activator communicates with it opposite charges. As a result, in blood vessels erythrocytes released from the positive charge and received natural negative charge repel each other, removing the grouping and clusters on vessel walls. At the same time, the microspheres - microscopic glass spheres that had given negative charge, and received in exchange a positive charge, are attracted to each other. Thus the filler of activator acquires hardness. Hardened activator is less effective and therefore requires its "charge". To restore the negative charge of the activator it should be shaken and put for a while in a warm place up to 50 º C. As soon as the filler material softens, the activator is ready for use. The restoration activator take 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the temperature of the heat source and the degree of solidification. Activator should not be warm, not Achieve its heating, but the filler - the microspheres must be soft.