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Thank you for visiting our site! Activator "Keep well!" - the world's only unique invention. The production of this device located in Ukraine. 

Helps with varicose veins, edema, and many other diseases.
You made the right choice on the road to recovery and a life without pain!

Activator "Keep well!" at home can eliminate the causes of varicose veins, edema, and many more ailments! This is an effective method of overcoming of varicose veins with negative electrical charges. Can be used during active physical activity and sleep.

It is time to get rid of the disease!

Under the influence of negatively charged microspheres in the activator "Keep well!", the red blood cells gradually recover its negative charge, and follows the normalization of the blood flow. Occurs a partition of erythrocyte groups, increases the transport of oxygen and nutrients to every cell and naturally  normalize cellular nutrition in the metabolic processes of the body.

The secret of the activator "Keep well!" inside it! It consists of millions of air-filled negatively charged glass balls - microspheres that envelop you, focusing on the problem areas of the body infrared heat and affect healing negative electrical charge, feel your every move, automatically adjusting to the contours of your body, gently but intensely make yours body healthy.

Because of its small form, lightness and unique, stunning properties of the negative charges on the surface of the microspheres Activator "Keep well!" will become your indispensable assistant, that is ready just in time to save, fill power and energy, health and comfort of your life and your family. Where ever you are: at home, at work, on the road or on vacation - you can always use the activator, and it is cope great with the task!

микросферы - средство от варикоза, отёка и прочих болезнейActivator "Keep well!" seemed as an ordinary product, but is made personally for you! The unique shape allows it to wrap the arms, legs, applying to the abdomen, back, shoulders, and also use it as a lining for seating. Activator "Keep well!" gently supports and surrounds you with care regardless of whether you work or rest, awake or asleep. Imagine that you will no longer be bothered by varicose veins and swelling of the legs, you will no longer feel pain in the back or head or neck or shoulders! You will not suffer from the pain, instead you will feel healthy and happy all day, and at night You will relax and sleep! Blood vessels will be cleaned and efficiently supply with blood your organs.


Want to be healthy? You will be healthy!

Due to the normalization of the circulatory system follows normalization and stabilization of blood pressure. Increased blood velocity, lack of accumulations of red blood cells, prevents blood "pushing" on the walls of blood vessels, they are no longer expand.

And here is a list of health benefits qualities of negatively charged ions contained in the medical handbook:

  • contribute to a healthy metabolism, stress relief, refreshment of the body and improve mental abilities;
  • increase the elasticity of blood vessels, destroying harmful deposits inside blood vessels;
  • reduce the frequency of cancer processes;
  • significantly reduce static charging from working televisions and computer monitors;
  • eliminate odors.
  • have a beneficial health improving effect for respiratory diseases, acute and chronic diseases of upper respiratory tract, allergy. This significantly reduces the risk of acute respiratory infections and other viral infections, increases immunity

What the patient feels when applying activator "Keep well!"?

  • Lightness and comfort in the place of applications;
  • relieves the pain;
  • constantly going cleansing of the blood vesselswith subsequent restoration of elasticity of the walls;
  • heaviness in the legs, cramps disappear;
  • returned a healthy body beauty;

Activator "Keep well!" Will change your life! Negative electric charge of the microspheres, which are inside the activator will be constantly directed to the healing of your body!

Be confident in the effectiveness of our product. We invented and manufacture the activator in Ukraine. Our country is in Europe. Ukraine gave the world the great discoveries and inventions: the splitting of lithium atoms and the discovery of an isotope of helium, a theory of superhard submerged arc welding, powder metallurgy establishment, receiving heavy water, creating the world's first laser drive of the optical cylinder with immersion optical phenomena, the contribution to space exploration and the establishment of missile technology, the creation of a complex series of universal space stations, launch vehicles, "Zenith", "Cyclone ", the new rocket engines, the unique control systems for launch vehicles and spacecraft onboard cooling systems, aerospace as a unique tool for installation and maintenance work in outer space

An important achievement of the scientists of the NAS of Ukraine - the creation of a large transparent monocrystals of synthetic diamonds, optical features can be controlled.
On the example of an activator "Keep well!" Ukraine has once again revealed to humanity the secret of victory over the disease. We believe Activator "Keep well!" will improve your condition and help you to cope with illness

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